Welcome to Florida RV Adventures, a blog dedicated to document our family's Florida adventures while traveling in our RV.

Who are we? Just a family of four (and a small dog) travelling and discovering the state of Florida, creating memories, experiencing adventures, and learning all that the state has to offer.

Me, Alex "The Dad" has been RVing with my family for decades. Everything started with a 1970s 18 foot Jayco, avocado green and white. That little RV produced the most memorable moments in my family.

Brea "The Mom" is new to camping. Her dad's idea of camping is staying in a fancy hotel. She was willing to give it a try and really enjoys it.

Javier and Isabel "The kids" have always loved to travel and explore new places. They are always excited to go camping.

When Alex first wanted to take us camping, we starting out renting a few different styles of RVs. The kids would always ask when we could go camping again. Then we purchased our first RV and the adventures really began.

What's coming up.....

Stay tuned for future blogs as we write about our transition from renting to buying our first RV, all different camping adventures from Jacksonville FL to the Florida Keys, as well as the adventures in between. We hope to inspire and motivate you and your family as we show you all corners of the state of Florida and the events and activities.

As avid foodies, we will be featuring campsite recipes and prepping solutions for the weekend warriors. We will also be having the occasional local cusine restaurant suggestion. We will also be brushing up on the unlikely event of an emergency and what gear to have. There will also be information on how to prepare for a trip, the easy way.

So join us every week! Subscribe to our blog via our website and follow us @ our social media links. We can't wait to share our experiences with you!

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