Florida RV Adventures!

We are a family of four and a dog traveling and creating memories for our kids as weekend warriors all over Florida. While documenting our adventures we will be reviewing RVs, products, how to segments, Do’s and Don’ts, campgrounds, places to visit, events, things to do, local scene, restaurants cooking and much more.  Stay tune for the 2018 season of adventures!






Is the place I now call home. For many years I dream of living in here and every opportunity and vacation I planned was to this wonderful state. Now living here for almost a decade, I decided to explore the state and what it has to offer. The diversity of the land flora fauna and culture caught me by surprise. As the state home of the first and oldest town in the us after Spanish landed in the new world, the state is rich in culture


Unique to Florida

Datil Peppers

Welcome to the Florida RV Adventures where you can follow our journey thru our weekend adventures thru out the state.




Spring Time


Throughout Florida we encounter one of the many wonders that the state has to offer the Florida Springs. With the highest concentration in the central portions of the state, they provide an abundance of Flora and Fauna that unique to the estate. The Florida Springs maintain a consistent water temperature all year around and with the magnificent crystal-clear water is a must see. 


We visited 2 different springs while camping there. 


Silver springs

----Hole springs


Both amazing places to be and very different. In both we were able to rent kayaks


In silver springs we were able to visit the state park








Places to write about it


Florida Keys, Isla Morada (1 Trip)

- State Park, Campground

- Activities - kayak, snorkeling, sailing, jet ski, Restaurants, souvenir shopping, key west tour, sight seen.


St. Augustine (6 trips)

- Camp Ground - Ocean Grove (3X), North Fl Camp (2X), Byron (1X).., 

- Activities - State Park, kayak, Restaurants, Beach Drive, ocean side, ghost tours, Old Town, Fort, mini golf, sight seen, Shopping, Pool. Twice with a rental unit.


- Camp Ground - North Fl Camp (2X) 

- Activities - State Park, kayak, Restaurants, Beach Drive, ocean side, ghost tours, Old Town, Fort, mini golf, sight seen, Shopping, Pool.


- Camp Ground - Byron (1X).., 

- Activities - State Park, kayak, Restaurants, Beach Drive, ocean side, ghost tours, Old Town, Fort, mini golf, sight seen, Shopping, Pool.


Space Coast (2 Trip)

- Camp Ground - 

- Activities - Kennedy Space Center, Restaurants, sight seen, Shopping.


- Camp Ground - The Great Outdoors

- Activities - 


Daytona (1 trip)

- Camp Ground - 

- Activities - Restaurants, Beach Drive, mini golf, sight seen. 


Orlando (4 Trip)

- Camp Ground - Thousand Trails

- Activities - Biking, sight seen, mini golf, Old Town, pool

- Camp ground - Tropical Palms 

- Activities - Old town, shopping, sighseen, mini golf

- Camp Ground - Disney Ft. Wilderness (2x)

- Activities - Biking, Christmas lights, cookie making, restaurant, boat ride,bus and boat shuttle to parts, monorail, Christmas golf cart parade, Christmas boat light parade, Fire works, Shopping, pool.


Tampa (3 trips)

- Camp Ground - Lazy Days

- Activities - Biking, RV window shopping, Museum, clear water sight seen, restaurant, Sun and Fun Airshow, pool 


Jacksonville Camping (3 Trips)

- Flamingo lakes (2x), Pecan Park

- Activities, Flea Market, Shopping, 


Silver Springs (1x)

- Camp Ground - 

- Activities - State Park, kayak, Glass bottom boat tour, museum, Restaurants, sight seen, Shopping.


Palm Coast (1 trip)

- Camp Ground - Beverly..

- Activities -  Restaurants, sight seen, Shopping.



Subjects to write about it


Waterfront Camping (Palm coast, North Florida Camp)



Other related RV events to write about it


Jacksonville RV Show (2 trips)


The tiny House Festival (1 trip)


Sun and Fun Airshow (2 trips)


Florida State Parks


Tampa Super Show (TBD)


RV Rentals (2X) Class C and a Pop Top. 






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We used it for couple seasons before we decided to modernize it. We spent a winter season remodeling it, tearing it down to the studs and rearranging the floor plan and finishing with a fresh new coat of paint.  


Shortly after that we found our new RV spot. I am form Puerto Rico and the first RV spot was at the Seven Seas Beach. The spot was right across from the waterfront divided only by the 2 lane higway. After the remodel we move it